EUDORA is an end-to-end SaaS solution to review and approve promotional and non-promotional documents inclusive of core claims and reference library. Our document management system encrypts and stores all the documents in cloud and tracks each user interaction providing a detailed audit log.


Add basic details, submit documents and reference to begin a new document review cycle.


Use the browse based annotation documents with reference and comments. Access to pre-approved core claims with our integrated core claims library speeds up the markup procedure.

Review & Approve

Examine documents utilizing a sequential, systematic approval process.The next approver is notified through email when the document is ready for review.


The originator must upload the document's final version and set the expiration date as part of the review process last phase. EUNOMIA automatically alerts the creator when a promotional item is getting close to its expiration date and asks them to either resubmit or archive the document.

Online Document Storage

Our online document approval system allows staff to operate remotely. Users can view approved papers right away.

Browser-based annotations

Use a variety of markup tools, such as comments, lines, rectangles, and marker tools, to annotate documents directly in the browser.

Version Control

Thanks to the version control system, your team will always have access to the most recent version of the document. The document's earlier versions are locked for auditing purposes.

Automated Email Reminders

The automated email reminder system notifies reviewers when it is their turn to approve the document.

Core Claims Approval Process

Pharmaceutical businesses can create and approve core claims that will be used in the review process for promotional materials using EUNOMIA's core claims library.

Reference Library

The reference library is a centralized document collection for all reference materials used as proof for key assertions and as sources for reviews of promotional content.

PDF Download

The PDF document can be downloaded by users and shared with outside parties.


A thorough timeline of system events is provided by the timeline function.


Improved Compliance

A thorough audit record of each user interaction is kept by EUNOMIA. The timeline displays the times and dates of significant system events. High degrees of traceability are provided by ApprovalFlow's organized workflow, which enhances regulatory compliance.


According to research, medical information sources spend an average of 6 to 15 hours each week evaluating promotional material. The EUNOMIA's improved digital workflow significantly shortens the approval procedure.

Cost Reduction

Systems for digital document approval do away with the requirement for secure destruction, archiving, and storage. Organizations can save a lot of money by safely storing certified documents on our cloud-based platform.

Browser based system

The system does not require the installation of proprietary software because it is cloud-based.

Email Automation

When it is their turn to examine or approve a document, users are notified. The notification system makes sure the review procedure stays on schedule.