EUSALE is an e-detailing solution to create and distribute marketing content, it is essentially a cloud-based content management system that can be used to store and manage any content synchronized with all the connected users.

  • Educational Events
  • Third-party Sponsorships
  • Advisory Boards
  • Travel Grants
  • Consultancies
  • Market Research

EUMERA allows users to track all the involved ToVs


Upload files using drag- and-drop into the content management system. All of the commercially accepted file types, including PDFs, Jpeg and PNG photos, and MP4 video, are supported by EUSALES.


Give each slide a meta- data attribute. Make your own groups, then assign each one presentations and files. After being set up, content can approved, and published.


Users of the EUSALES program can instantly access the presentation content thanks to its off-line capabilities. Users may confidently examine the presentation content thanks to intuitive navigation controls.


For each session, the analytics engine tracks a variety of metrics. The EUSALES CMS receives the reporting data. Then, users provide in-depth utilization reports.

Use a safe cloud-based content management system to upload presentations and files, then easily share them with your colleagues.

Make a variety of unique user groups and distribute the content properly. Users are always assured of receiving appropriate, vetted content.

The version control system immediately archives outdated presentations. All devices automatically delete all archived content.

Distribute PDF files to your whole sales team by uploading them.

Send healthcare professionals the marketing collateral that has been approved.


Cloud Based System

Ensures that the connected users have access to most recent and approved content

Quick Distribution

Once the PDF is uploaded it gets distributed seamlessly across the user base

Easy to use

The user interface is simple and requires little training

Version Control

Ensures automatic archiving of the old content and most updated content is available

Email Automation

Approved materials can be sent to HCPs