We can support with the following

  • Building of the training strategy.
  • Building of the training matrix.
  • Build lesson plans, create scripts, and prepare the required training modules using AI and innovative methodologies.
  • Identify and implement the simplest and effective methods to ensure the training is effective e.g., bite-sized trainings videos, podcasts, GIFs etc.
  • Ensure trainings are available to the relevant stakeholders on SharePoint or the respective Training Platforms (e.g., Compliance Wire, Litmos etc.)
  • Monitor and provide analytics on effectiveness of the trainings, gather feedback, and provide more effective training from time-to-time.
Some examples of trainings we have conducted for our clients are listed below.
These modules can be readily procured and iterated for use.

Basic of Pharmaceutical Regulations

Agencies and the Code/EFPIA

AQP and AQP Signatories

Creation and Approval of Website

Originators and Approvers

Pre-license Activities

Social Media

Field Medical(for MSLs)

Field Promotional(for Sales Representatives/KAMs)

Transfer of value/ Disclosure Overview

In addition to the listed trainings, we provide bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements, please reach out to us to discuss further.