Determination of Fair Market Value (FMV) rates and HCP tier assignments enable appropriate and defensible payments to consultants, industry influencers, managed market programs, grants, and clinical trials. Eunomia Fair Market Value Consulting Services are based on deep experience and proprietary methodology for over 90 countries, utilizing actual compensation data established in robust labor markets.

Leverage the most comprehensive and defensible FMV rates

Eunomia Pharma Services offers individual, customized rate cards and complete documentation with methodology employed to generate the FMV Rate cards. We also help simplify the FMV process for the business users in their daily operations by creating simplified dashboard to generate the required rates using technologies like Power BI, Power Apps, etc. to reinforce consistent rate application. Our outsourced HCP tiering services are based on three pillars: objectivity, flexibility, and simplicity, to simplify tiering assignments..