Key challenges with transparency disclosure:

  • Complex global laws and codes
  • Multiple approaches
  • Expectation for automation
  • Varied reporting templates
  • Data completeness and accuracy
We can help your organization navigate these challenges by ensuring the following

Process efficiency: Support with setting an efficient end-to-end operational process that is scalable and meets industry standards. As transparency has a deep footprint within an organization, we can help with ensuring that data from various can be collated into one single data repository.

Risk mitigation: Constant monitoring and analysis of data to ensure data accuracy and also to ensure that the specific country requirements are met to ensure efficient reporting.

Gathering insights: Use the gathered data to pull out valuable business insights. Consolidate data from different interaction channels such as expense management (e.g., Concur and Expensify), accounts payable (e.g., SAP and Oracle) and CRM systems (e.g., Veeva and Salesforce) to unlock actionable insights.